Southern Armada was a guild on EverQuest's Prexus server. We grew together over the years and achieved an impressive list of achievements with a much smaller group of people than other guilds. People came and went but few left the Armada without a great sense of pride for having been a part of the team. Nevertheless, time passes and all good things come to an end. Southern Armada will remain treasured deep in the hearts of those who served. /salute /rude

The forums once here have now been closed however the domain name is being kept, just in case its needed again in the future. I have the contact details of Lufy, Nymeria, Daelhoof, Nemean and Creac. If the SA banner is to be unfurled in another game (EQ Next?) feel free to use the form below to send me a message. I can pass it on to one of the others as needed.
Yours in Servce - Sorcha

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